Safe Driving Tips To Remember When Traveling During Rush Hour

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If you spend time driving during rush hour on Monday through Friday, it's important to have a healthy respect for the driving conditions. Rush hour driving is inherently dangerous; statistics show that vehicle accidents are more common during rush hour. In North Carolina, for example, one in four car accidents actually takes place during rush hour. This shouldn't shake your confidence about driving, but it should remind you to be extra safe behind the wheel when driving to and from work. The higher risk of accidents means there's a higher risk of paying your car insurance deductible and experiencing a rate increase – neither of which you want. Here are some tips that will help you stay safe during these conditions.

Install Blind Spot Mirrors

Blind spot mirrors are small, circular mirrors that allow you to see any motorists who are traveling along in your blind spots with a quick glance. While these mirrors aren't an alternative to quickly turning your head when you're about to change lanes, they can increase your awareness of what's around you as you drive along. You can often experience people driving in your blind spot during rush hour because the traffic is thick enough that they can't fully pass you; having these mirrors will decrease your risk of a side-swipe accident that will elevate your insurance rate.

Keep Your Smartphone Out Of Reach

Even if you already know that you shouldn't use your smartphone while behind the wheel, the temptation can be overwhelming when you hear a text come in or you're stuck in traffic. The use of your phone, however, can greatly distract you and this is especially a concern in rush hour when the traffic volume is thick. Instead of keeping the phone on the seat or console beside you, put it in a jacket pocket or purse out of reach. This will prevent you from being tempted to grab it until you've reached your destination.

Make Eye Contact With Others

During rush hour, you'll often be traveling at low speeds, but this doesn't mean you're less at risk of an accident. One benefit of traveling at a low rate of speed is that you can often make eye contact with other drivers. Whether it's seeing if someone is going to enter a roundabout or merge in front of you, watching a driver's face can often indicate his or her intentions – and you'll be able to react accordingly.

Keep driving safely, and you'll have an easier time getting an affordable rate through an auto insurance company like Manassero Insurance Agency Inc.